The EGU is committed to providing a safe, open, and respectful environment for participants to its General Assembly. The EGU encourages all geoscientists to pursue integrity, honesty, respect, courtesy, responsibility, rigour, and equity in their professional activities.

All participants at EGU's General Assembly are expected to follow EGU's Code of Conduct and the General Assembly rules of conduct that are outlined here. Should you observe violations against these rules, please contact the EGU General Assembly's person of trust (onsite at the information desk in the entrance hall) and/or send an email to Messages to this address are treated confidentially. They are read by the EGU president and EGU's person of trust. Violations to the rules of conduct will be taken seriously and appropriate actions will be taken where necessary.

Respectful behaviour

  1. Professional and respectful conduct of all attendees is expected.
  2. Bullying, harassment, intimidation, and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.
  3. These rules are valid for all kinds of interaction during the EGU's General Assembly: display materials, presentations, discussions, chats, commenting on display materials, as well as social gatherings.

Recording and screenshots

It is prohibited to take photos or videos of scientific material shown in any in-presence presentations and to take screenshots or record live presentations in any on-line or streamlined sessions unless the presenter authorizes it. Presenters are encouraged to inform the audience if they welcome screenshots or sharing on social media: sharing is encouraged | sharing is not permitted.

Social media

The EGU encourages open discussion on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and blogging platforms during the General Assembly. The following rules aim to provide means by which General Assembly participants can embrace social media, while at the same time remaining respectful of presenting authors' work and protecting their research output:

  1. Never post any images or videos online without the authors' explicit permission.
  2. The default assumption is to allow open discussion of General Assembly presentations on social media. However, please respect any request from an author not to disseminate the contents of their presentation. Icons are available for download (see "Recording and screenshots") for inclusion on your presentation material to clearly express when an author does or does not want their results posted on any social media networks or blogs.
  3. If you will be presenting your work at a press conference after your scientific presentation, please ask those in the session not to post about your research until after the press conference has taken place.
  4. Be sure to include the official hashtag, #EGU25, when sharing snippets of your time at the conference on Twitter and elsewhere on social media.

Person of trust at the EGU's General Assembly

The person of trust at the General Assembly is there to help you directly at the conference. You can reach the person of trust through the information desk in the entrance hall. The person of trust is available Monday to Friday, 08:00–17:00 and a private room is reserved on-site where you can discuss with the person of trust. Alternatively (especially for online participants), you can contact the person of trust at The EGU25 person of trust is in regular contact with the responsible conduct persons of the EGU (the EGU President and the EGU Person of Trust, who will always represent a combination of different genders). One of the responsible conduct persons will follow up on any perceived conduct violations within approximately 24 hours.